Globalizing local struggles – Localizing global struggles. Peasant movements from local to global platforms and back


1 July 2014


Volume 1 – Number 5

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Eric Vanhaute



In the twenty-first century, new peasant movements have entered the global stage. What can we learn from this fundamental shift from local to global platforms? This article presents a historical-comparative analysis about the scale and range of peasant actions in a globalizing world. We focus on former types of peasant movements and on the twenty-first century transnational peasant movement, La Vía Campesina. How were and are peasant actions organized? What were and are their demands and expectations? Who did and do they see as their enemies and adversaries?This comparative exercise explores peasant actions between local, transnational and global scales. The new peasant movements have redefined local resistance within a global context.


Globalisation, New peasant movements, Local vs. global, La Vía Campesina