Differences in strike attitudes and behavioural reactions among British, German, and French samples


1 October 2023


Volume 1 – Number 11

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Denise Vesper and Cornelius J. König



Strikes are an important work phenomenon. However, research on third-party strike attitudes has been limited. In this study, we used a dataset that was previously collected for other purposes to assess strike attitudes and behavioural reactions and their relations to willingness to strike, union membership, and previous strike participation in samples from the United Kingdom (n = 444), Germany (n = 454), and France (n = 463). We used multivariate analyses of covariance to assess differences between the three samples. Between the British, German, and French samples, we found significant differences in their strike attitudes and willingness to strike. Finally, we found support for the assumptions that union members and people with a strike history evaluate strikes more positively than people who are not union members and without strike history.


Attitudes; Industrial relations; Strikes; Third-party; Unions; Willingness to strike, MANCOVA